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Dental Bridges Davidsonville , MD

A dental bridge has been the traditional treatment option for the replacement of one or more consecutive missing teeth. Often removable, the dental bridge could literally “bridge the gap” after tooth loss and restore chewing and speaking function. Thanks to the development of dental implants and the many improvements made in both materials and techniques, today’s patients enjoy a range of treatment options to replace missing teeth that offer more natural looking and functioning results that can last a lifetime with proper dental care.

Drs. Wooddell and Passaro work with patients on an individualized basis to replace missing teeth with the most appropriate option for their needs, goals, and budget. We offer a comprehensive team-oriented approach that takes all aspects of your oral health into consideration. Our goal is to stabilize your oral health, address any underlying problems and provide a dental restoration that blends with your natural appearance.

A permanent dental bridge, anchored by strengthened existing teeth or a dental implant, will provide the most secure result and natural function. Designed to match your smile and support your overall dental health, a dental bridge will prevent a cascade of additional dental problems when missing teeth are left untreated.

Dental Bridge vs Dental Implant

In the majority of cases, the choice between a dental bridge and a dental implant becomes the key question in choosing a treatment option. As long as you are a candidate for dental implants, we typically recommend this option because of the important oral health benefits they offer:

  • Reduces bone loss in the jaw
  • Stabilizes existing teeth and the natural bite
  • Provides natural chewing function for a varied diet

Schedule A Consultation

To learn more about tooth replacement options in our Annapolis area dentist office, schedule an appointment with one of our dentists. Contact our office at (410) 956-5555 or request an appointment online. Our team approach to your care will ensure that your results will meet both oral health and cosmetic goals for the restoration of a beautiful, healthy smile.

The first step is a thorough and diagnostic evaluation of all aspects of your dental health. We take an interdisciplinary approach to meeting the restorative and cosmetic needs of our patients for the best possible outcome. Taking into consideration your health, goals, medical history and risk factors we will create a personalized treatment plan to restore your missing teeth using a dental bridge.

Depending on whether dental implants are to be placed to secure your new bridge, you will visit with us several times throughout the process to complete the necessary steps. Dental impressions, digital diagnostics and tooth preparation for the anchor teeth will be part of the dental bridge procedure.

Implant Secured Bridge: What To Expect

implant supported bridge in Davidsonville MD

The use of dental implants to secure a dental bridge will involve the surgical placement of the titanium post, followed by a healing period of several months. Once the post has healed, we can place the custom dental bridge.

Permanent and secure, your implant secured bridge will give you back the most natural function possible, allowing you to speak and eat with confidence.