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Restorative Dentistry Davidsonville , MD

Restorative dental care provides the treatments necessary to address damaged teeth, missing teeth and problems associated with occlusion, or the fit of the bite. Davidsonville area dentists Dr. Woddell and Dr. Passaro are two of the most highly trained and experienced restorative dentists serving the Annapolis area. Together, they have over 60 years of combined experience and both have dedicated many hours to continuing education. Dr. Joe and Dr. Woody have developed a team-oriented, interdisciplinary approach to restorative dental care, bringing together not only their own combined set of skills and knowledge but those of top local specialists.

Together they have developed the Systematic Treatment Evaluation Protocol (STEP™), which they teach to colleagues at our on site training facility, Chesapeake Dental Education Center. The goal of treating every patient is to use a thorough analysis, enhanced by digital diagnostics, to evaluate all aspects of your oral health for the most accurate treatment possible and predictable results. Your restorative dental care is personalized to your needs, taking into consideration our findings, your dental health needs, and cosmetic goals.

davidsonville md restorative dentist dr. wooddell

Evaluate, Plan, Implement

Drs. Wooddell and Passaro set themselves apart from many local dentists when it comes to restoring smiles with lasting, comfortable results. As a team, we strive to meet the needs and goals of our patients with dentistry that is built on a stable and healthy oral foundation. From a comprehensive evaluation to the use of digital imagery, treatment planning is the key to an outcome that is predictable and natural-looking. When necessary, we address underlying dental issues that will compromise the integrity of your result, leading to a break down of both dentistry and your oral health.

We welcome patients who have complex dental problems or who may be experiencing the relapse of a dental concern for a range of reasons. If you would like a second opinion on your recommended dental care, contact our office to schedule a consultation.

Restoring Smiles, Changing Lives

This phrase sums up how we feel about the power of a restored smile. As a team, Dr. Joe and Dr. Wooddy treat patients who come to us with a diminished quality of life due to poor oral health, missing teeth or an uncomfortable bite. The goal is to give you a smile that is stable, functional and natural looking. For many, the results of their restorative dental care are life-changing in many ways.
“This has been nothing short of life-altering. Today I smile, and even speak, with new-found confidence. My teeth look great. They feel great. I am a very happy and most grateful patient.”

~Gail Quinn