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Gum Disease Davidsonville MD

Healthy gums support healthy teeth.

Dr. Wooddell and Dr. Passaro offer advanced diagnosis and treatment for the effects of gum disease. Treating gum disease as promptly as possible is the key to avoiding the development of complex dental problems that can threaten both the health and structure of the gums and the integrity of the teeth they support. Left untreated, gum disease impacts all areas of the oral structure: the teeth, the bone and the soft tissues of the gums.

During a routine preventive care visit, we will screen for the early signs of gum disease. Our dental hygiene staff is highly trained and dedicated to helping patients care for their gum health between visits. We take the time to get to know our patients in order to provide personalized recommendations that take into consideration your unique risk factors for gum disease and other dental concerns.

Assessing Your Gum Health: Stages of Gum Disease

Choosing the right type of periodontal treatment will be the result of a comprehensive evaluation of your overall oral health and the condition of your gums. Gum disease has two distinct stages, each of which can have a range of treatment options.

  • Gingivitis: early gum disease is known as gingivitis. This occurs when the gum or gingival tissues become irritated as bacteria begin to impact their health. Gingivitis is characterized by bleeding gums, red or swollen gums and possible changes in the fit of oral appliances.
  • Periodontitis: advanced gum disease is called periodontitis. At this stage, bacteria have begun to compromise the gum structure and there are pockets developing between the teeth and surrounding gums. As these deepen, the teeth can become loose, sensitive and/or decayed.

Dr. Wooddell and Dr. Passaro take great care in accurately diagnosing gum disease to ensure that treatment will be effective, restore your dental health and provide a long term result. Your care will be personalized to your needs and recommendations for at home oral hygiene will be made to keep your gums stable between visits. We take an interdisciplinary approach to patients with advanced gum disease and will help you to receive the care you need.

Depending on the severity of your gum disease and any existing damage, we may recommend:

  • Antibacterial rinses: a conservative first step for gingivitis or for those more prone to gum disease, the use of an antibacterial mouth rinse can diminish bacteria and prevent progression of disease.
  • Scaling and root planing: a treatment option for more advanced gum disease, this is a thorough scraping of the tooth root areas to remove deep pockets of bacteria and allow the gum tissues to begin to heal.
  • Advanced periodontal therapy and oral surgery: for complex cases or advanced periodontitis, we will work with leading local specialists to coordinate your care and restore healthy gums.