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Discolored Teeth Davidsonville , MD

Yellow or discolored teeth can age your smile. Discolored teeth look unhealthy, and are visually unappealing causing many patients to hide their smiles in embarrassment. Wooddell and Passaro offer innovative cosmetic solutions for whitening and brightening your smile.

We take a consultative approach to addressing all of your oral health needs. Your Woodell and Passaro dentist will provide a thorough oral health exam and take the time to discuss your concerns and goals. We provide high quality, personalized treatment plans tailored to create a stable, healthy and beautiful smile.

What Causes Tooth Discoloration?

Tooth discoloration may be a result of a number of factors. The treatment for achieving whiter teeth will vary depending on the causes of the discoloration. Your dentist will evaluate your oral health and help you determine which whitening treatment will provide the most effective result.

Treatment for discolored teeth in Davidsonville MD

  • Yellow Teeth- Yellow teeth are typically a result of normal wear of the enamel. As we age the white enamel protective coating on the teeth wears aware leaving the inner dentin exposed. Dentin is naturally yellow in color and causes teeth to appear stained and dingy. Peroxide whitening treatments are typically effective for whitening a yellow smile. Your diet can also stain your teeth. It is recommended that patients avoid red wine, coffee, and foods high in acidic content to help prolong their whitening results.
  • Bright White Spots- Many patients are unsatisfied with the apperance of their smile due to small ultra white spots that form on the front teeth. Typically ultra white spots develop from an overexposure of fluoride while the teeth were developing. If peroxide treatments are ineffective, Dr. Wooddell or Passaro may recommend dental bonding, veneers or a crown to cover the affected tooth.
  • Dark or Brown Spots-  Dark spots that develop on the teeth can be caused by trauma or certain types of medications. There are specific types of antibiotics that create dark spots on the teeth. If a patient damages their tooth in an accident, this may also cause a dark spot to develop on the tooth. These types of stain typically cannot be treated with peroxide whitening. Dental veneers, bonding or a dental crown are effective treatment options for covering the discolored tooth creating a beautiful, natural-looking smile.

Teeth Whitening Davidsonville, MD

The cosmetic dentist office of Wooddell & Passaro offers take-home teeth whitening. We use professional high-quality peroxide whitening gels to help patients improve the appearance of their teeth. Patients benefit from the convenience of custom in-home whitening trays to achieve their desired results through whitening treatment.

Alternative cosmetic whitening solutions include:

Teeth whitening is safe, effective, and fast acting. Patients can drastically improve the appearance of their smile. This cosmetic dentistry treatment can boost your confidence and allow you to enjoy smiling more often. Contact the office of Wooddell and Passaro at (410) 956-5555 to learn more about whitening your teeth.