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What Makes Us Different

Interdisciplinary Approach

Drs. Wooddell and Passaro take a team-oriented, interdisciplinary approach to treating dental concerns.  They partner with the best endodontic, periodontic, orthodontic and oral surgery specialists in the area. This is not only in the best interest of our patients but allows for more comprehensive care and the ability to address all of your oral health needs and goals in a personalized manner.

Why Choose Wooddell & Passaro?

Dr. Joseph Passaro and Dr. James Wooddell set themselves apart from many local practitioners using a unique team approach and a comprehensive evaluation method they have developed themselves. The Systematic Treatment Evaluation Protocol (STEP™) is a “roadmap” for the evaluation of a patient’s dental health that takes into consideration all aspects of their oral function:

  • Esthetics
  • Function
  • Structure
  • Biology

STEP™ is an in-depth look at how your smile looks, feels and operates to evaluate the integrity of your long term dental health. Finding and addressing problems associated with the structure of your jaw, teeth or soft tissues can alleviate the development of bigger dental problems down the road. This lays the foundation for more predictable and lasting results from your dentistry.

The entire team of dental professionals at Wooddell & Passaro is dedicated to treating patients as individuals, in a compassionate manner. We welcome patients who have had a previous bad experience at the dentist or who may be experiencing a break down of their oral health due to undiagnosed dental problems. We take the time needed with each patient to complete our thorough evaluation process and to discuss your specific needs and desires for the health and appearance of your natural smile. Our goal is to solve your dental problems with the most conservative, personalized dental care possible. We want our patients to enjoy the benefits of a comfortable smile that affords the best possible quality of life.

Drs. Wooddell and Passaro have over 60 years of combined experience treating patients and have dedicated their professional careers as dentists to the diagnosis and treatment of complex dental concerns. They have developed relationships with specialists that complement their dentistry and provide our patients with the highest standard of dentistry that will meet their needs. This interdisciplinary approach is a highly orchestrated and seamless process for patients. We utilize the benefits of digital technology to coordinate care that is consistent and maintain communication so that patients feel confident in their care and results are predictable.
“I have been a patient of Dr. Wooddell’s for over 25 years during which time Dr. Woody and his team of professionals have provided outstanding dental care and advice. Most recently, I have had extensive restorative dental work resulting in a noticeably more pleasing smile along with greatly improved functionality/use of my teeth. The success of my dental work is the result of the planning, expert work and care of Dr. Wooddell. I couldn’t be any more delighted with my new smile.” Nelson Slye, Davidsonville, MD

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