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Dentures and partial dentures have been the traditional treatment option for the replacement of missing teeth for decades. Thanks to many advances made in materials, techniques and the use of digital diagnostics, today’s patients enjoy a range of options and better results.

Dr. Wooddell and Dr. Passaro take time with patients needing a denture or partial denture to thoroughly evaluate the condition of their oral health, understand their risk factors and discuss their personal cosmetic goals. Using an interdisciplinary, team-oriented approach to restorative dental care, they strive for outcomes that will address all aspects of a patient’s oral health: structure, aesthetics, function and biology.

Implant Secured Dentures

Drs. Wooddell and Passaro offer dental implant secured dentures for the most stable, aesthetically pleasing result. The use of dental implants to secure a denture or partial denture also provides several key benefits for long term oral health:

  • Reduced bone loss in the jaw
  • Stable, secure restoration that does not irritate the gums
  • Ability to speak and eat with confidence
  • No need to use daily adhesives

An implant secured denture will require a greater investment of time and money, but most patients would agree that in the long term these benefits and the natural function they enjoy outweigh the costs.

Turbyfill Denture Technique

For patients who are not candidates for implant secured dentures, we have learned and mastered a technique developed by Dr. Jack Turbyfill.  This technique involves a much more accurate impression process resulting in a perfect, comfortable fit of the denture, unlike traditional denture techniques.  Most patients don’t even require any adhesive to keep the final denture in place!  After impressions are taken, a “training denture” is made.  It’s kind of like test driving a new car…the patient wears the training denture and can identify any bite, speech or aesthetic problems and make adjustment before the final denture is made.  An important component of the process is the level of skill and materials used by the lab that fabricates the denture.  The final denture duplicates the comfort of the training denture and provides unparalleled satisfaction in wearing dentures.  The Turbyfill Denture Technique gives us the skills to provide beautiful and comfortable dentures, unlike most any other denture you will ever see or wear.

The first step in the replacement of lost teeth with a denture is to have a consultation visit with one of our dentists. This visit enables us to evaluate your oral health and discuss your goals before making treatment recommendations for you to consider.

Depending on the type of denture being placed, we will schedule the necessary visits for treatment planning, preparation, and placement. If teeth need to be extracted, this will be part of the overall plan and timeline.

If your denture is to be secured with dental implants, we will go over all phases of the procedure and use 3-D CBCT scans to plan the ideal placement of your implants for the most stable result.

Once the mouth is prepared and any posts have been implanted and healed, a temporary denture will be fitted to try out your new smile and allow the gums to adjust to the new appliance. After a period of time, new impressions will be taken for making the final restoration.

The final denture will be fabricated to our specifications and color matching in a dental lab. Once complete, we will secure to your new dental implants or, if removable, fit for a comfortable bite and discuss daily care instructions.