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Dental Concerns Davidsonville , MD

Taking good care of your dental health will benefit not only your natural smile but your overall health and well being. At Wooddell and Passaro, our focus is on helping patients enjoy optimal dental health through comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of dental concerns.

Dental concerns can range from minor tooth decay and gingivitis to complex concerns related to the bite and missing teeth. Whatever your dental health needs, we offer advanced care in our Davidsonville office.

complete oral wellness Davidsonville, MD

What Is Occlusion?

Dr. Wooddell and Dr. Passaro have dedicated many hours annually to advanced training with a focus on addressing problems related to the fit of the bite, or occlusion. How your jaw functions and the teeth make contact lays the foundation for the health and comfort of your smile. When there is an imbalance in occlusion, it can have a domino effect on both your dental health and your physical well being.

Our team takes the time to evaluate your occlusion, from teeth to gums to jaw joints, and look for the signs of dysfunction or abnormal wear that can indicate a problem. Correcting an occlusal disorder is the key to long term dental health and lasting dentistry. Occlusal disorders can often be the underlying cause for a range of dental problems and concerns, including damaged teeth, TMJ disorders, and periodontal disease.

Our dentists have the training, experience, and technology to offer a comprehensive diagnosis of your occlusion and a personalized treatment plan for restoring oral health. Many patients are referred to our Davidsonville dentist office because an undiagnosed occlusal disorder has led to deteriorating dental health, an uneven bite or previous dentistry is breaking down.

“I applaud Dr. Wooddell for his patience and dental expertise. His alignment of my teeth helped preserve my teeth despite the damage done by other dental services. Dr. Wooddell is a perfectionist in his field, and he is not satisfied until both he and the patient feel the same. He is the dentist I have been looking for all of my life…and I am smiling broadly. Thank you, Dr. Wooddell.” Connie Briley, Crofton, MD

Stable Bite, Lasting Smile

Once your dental health has been evaluated, we will make recommendations for treatment that is best suited to your needs and goals. From cosmetic tooth bonding to implant dentistry for lost teeth, we can give you a smile that feels and functions as good as it looks. Common dental problems can include:

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