Dental Implants Davidsonville, MD

Dental Implants An Overview

Dr. Wooddell and Dr. Passaro provide advanced and comprehensive implant dentistry for the placement of all types of dental implants to restore your smile. Whether you are missing one, several or all of your natural teeth, dental implants can be used to provide a new smile that is functional, comfortable and looks like it’s your own.

We take a team approach to your restorative dental care, including the coordination of additional care with local specialists as needed.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are different from other tooth replacement options because they effectively replace all parts of the lost tooth. They consist of three parts:

  • Implant fixture: also known as the post, a titanium post implanted into the bone serves as the anchor for your implant, replacing the lost tooth root.
  • Abutment: a collar like piece connects the post to a custom dental crown, stabilizing both parts and sitting beneath the gum line.
  • Dental crown: a custom ceramic dental crown acts like a prosthetic tooth when used as part of a dental implant. It is custom matched to your existing natural teeth or your appearance, durable and stain resistant.

After enduring more than eighty years of continuous dental nightmares, I had the extreme good fortune to find the dental firm of Wooddell & Passaro.

Together we agreed and carried out a course of action which included the insertion of fourteen (14) implants and upper and lower teeth. This process required approximately six hours of dental surgery. Subsequently, I experienced one day of discomfort due to normal swelling, but within a week I was able to return to my home in Florida. Since that time I have never had a problem or pain, and can now eat steak, corn on the cob, and anything else I couldn’t previously chew.

At first glance, the cost of this procedure might seem “pricey.” However, the comfort of pure joy at being able to eat anything with no discomfort is “priceless!”

Dr. Wooddell is not only brilliant, but is kind, gentle, and caring as well! He’s my man! Jean M. Schmuhl, The Villages, FL

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To learn more about dental implants or discuss your dental health needs with one of our dentists, contact us at (410) 343-7075 or schedule an appointment online. We welcome new patients seeking dental implants in the Annapolis, MD, Davidsonville, MD, and Crofton, MD area. We also offer consultative second opinions for restorative dental care needs.

My experience with Dr. Wooddell was wonderful. He really made me feel comfortable by explaining every detail of the restorative work being done to my teeth. I am very pleased with the results and most importantly I am more confident…Allison K.
Drs. Wooddell and Passaro are the best dentists in the whole DMV area. They have taking care of my teeth for 38 years. They have given me special care throughout the years and I appreciate all their expertise in their…Kathy T.

Dental Implants What to Expect

A successful dental implant process relies upon thorough evaluation of your oral structure and placement planning. Dr. Wooddell and Dr. Passaro have been leading local dentists in the incorporation of advanced 3-D digital imaging into implant dentistry for results that are more stable, predictable and lasting.

Using CBCT scanning, we look at all factors affecting the position of your existing teeth or the structure of your jaw if all teeth are gone and a denture is being placed. This diagnostic imagery allows for more accurate and successful implant placement, minimizing impact to natural teeth or to the function of the bite for a better outcome and more stable implant.

The first part of the procedure is the placement of the titanium post into the jaw bone. Once complete, there is a healing period of 3-6 months needed for all soft tissues to heal and the bone to begin to integrate with the new post. We will follow up with you to coordinate the next step and to monitor your progress.

The abutment is placed next and impressions will be taken for use in the creation of your final restoration, a custom crown. When the tissue around the abutment are healed and the crown is complete, we will permanently secure your new tooth or attach your bridge or denture.

Our interdisciplinary approach means that we will enlist the expertise of local specialists as needed to ensure that you receive the best possible dental care throughout the implant process. We will provide personalized pre and post procedure care instructions to assist you with recovery and ensure the best result both during and after the implant process.

James B. Wooddell, DDS

Why choose Wooddell & Passaro?

Dr. Wooddell and Dr. Passaro have been providing comprehensive dental care to patients in the Annapolis area for over 25 years. With a focus on advanced restorative dentistry, our dental team provides personalized dental care for unique needs and aesthetic goals.

We take an interdisciplinary approach to your oral health needs and use modern technology, including digital imaging for diagnosis and treatment that is accurate and predictable. From routine disease prevention to replacing missing teeth with dental implants, our goal is to help you enjoy a smile that is comfortable, healthy and aesthetically pleasing.