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Answering Questions About Dental Crowns

Tooth crowns are restorations that use durable tooth-colored material to cover teeth like caps. Crowns can cover tooth damage and wear, creating a more balanced and even smile. If you have tooth damage or weakened teeth but have questions about tooth crowns and dental crown treatment, our dental office in Annapolis, MD, is here to help.

Answering Questions About Dental Crowns

FAQs: Dental Crown Treatment in Annapolis, MD

Common questions that many patients have about dental crowns can include:

How do crowns relate to dental implants?

Dental crowns can cover single dental implants to create natural-looking restorations. Implants are titanium anchors that we place into the jaw bone beneath the gums. If patients receive a single implant for a missing tooth, we can create a custom crown to restore the implant and act as a false tooth.

What do I do if my crown is loose?

Contact our office as soon as possible so we can help fix your loose crown. Your crown may be loose due to a cavity or tooth decay requiring immediate treatment. Living with a loose crown is also uncomfortable as it impacts the bite and can lead to sensitivity in the tooth beneath the crown. We will examine your crown and determine if you need a replacement. Our team will also remove your loose crown and provide you with a temporary restoration.

How long do dental crowns last?

With the proper care, dental crowns can last over ten years. Brushing, flossing, and visiting our dental office for routine cleanings and exams will keep your crown in shape.

Do I need metal or porcelain crowns?

Traditional crowns are made of metal materials. While these materials offer durability and strength, they easily stand out from the rest of the smile. Porcelain crowns not only look natural but strengthen weakened or worn teeth. We also color-match crowns to create the perfect shade.

Can dental crowns decay?

Tooth crowns themselves may be damaged, but they are not affected by decay. However, if you develop gum disease or tooth decay, your crown can loosen or fall out of your mouth.

Will I need a crown after a root canal?

Root canal treatments remove the dental pulp, or the cells, nerves, and vessels that keep teeth alive. While a filling seals the tooth after root canal treatment, we recommend a dental crown to address worn or damaged teeth. A dental crown acts as an added layer of protection for the treated tooth, as the tooth may also be prone to breaking or cracking.

Do you have any more questions about tooth crowns? Feel free to schedule a dental consultation with us online. You may also contact Wooddell and Passaro Dentistry for dental crown treatment today at (410) 956-5555.