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Why Are My Veneers Loose?

When you run your tongue across your veneers, do they feel loose? If your dental veneers are loose or falling off your teeth, you need to visit a dentist for professional treatment. But why can dental veneers loosen, and what can you do if your veneer falls off? Our dental office helps patients with veneer problems and provides cosmetic dentistry services to renew smiles in Crofton, MD.

Why Are My Veneers Loose?

Why Do I Have Loose Veneers?

The cement that adheres the veneers to natural teeth should not fail. However, there are several reasons why veneers can loosen or detach from the adhesive, either over time or due to damage:

Tooth Misalignment

If you have a bad bite, your teeth can put increased pressure on your veneers. Because of this, we often recommend orthodontic treatment for patients before recommending veneers. Patients requiring veneers after their orthodontic treatment can cover deep tooth discoloration. Veneers are only good options if patients have slight misalignment they want to cover. Still, cosmetically crooked teeth can impact veneers.

Gum or Tooth Decay

We always check for signs of gum disease or tooth decay before performing restorative or cosmetic treatment. Patients affected by tooth decay or gum disease will notice changes in their smile, including loosening veneers. If you see bleeding, red, or irritated gums or tooth pain, please visit the dentist so we can preserve your smile.

Dental Damage

Patients can experience damaged veneers for a variety of reasons. They may develop bruxism, or teeth clenching and grinding, often occurring when patients develop TMJ disorders. Hard or crunchy foods can wear down the veneer material and create more damage. Patients can also lose their veneers if they sustain hits to the teeth. This wear and tear can cause the dental cement to fail.

Old Dental Veneers

Sometimes, your veneers can loosen if they’re at the end of their lifespan. Dental veneers can last ten to fifteen or more years. Many patients may also notice that they experience tooth sensitivity, a change in their tooth shape, cracks, staining, and other signs before replacing their veneers. Patients who see changes in their veneers, including loose or damaged ones, must consult the dentist.

If you have loose veneers or if your veneers have just fallen off of your teeth, call Wooddell and Passaro for care at (410) 956-5555. You can also schedule a dental appointment with us on our website. We will examine the damage to your veneers and provide you with replacements that look and feel natural. Our team customizes dental veneers for each patient to ensure they are comfortable and their teeth are sufficiently protected.