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Do You Have Dental Pit Stains?

Almost everyone has dental pit stains and a lot of people do not know it. Not only that, but a lot of people do not know what they are. This is because they do not seem like a bit deal. They’re in fact, something that does not do damage to your teeth. They can be unsightly though, which makes people want to remove them from their teeth. Learn more about the dental pit stains that you might have and what exactly they are.

Dental Pit Stains in Your Teeth

Dental pit stains are stains that are found in the holes of the teeth. Small surface holes are known to be on the tops of teeth. These are just normal holes that are sometimes very, very small. When they become stained however, the tooth can turn a different color on the top. This is an unsightly appearance for some, which is why they want to have them removed.

They are not harmful to the teeth though. They just make them look bad. When you have a white shirt that you sweat in and it causes stains, this is the same thing that happens to the surface of the teeth when certain foods or drinks are consumed. It is best to have a whitening agent to help whiten up those areas.

If you’re concerned about dental pit stains, speak with a dentist that can recommend the best whitening product.

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