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Do You Drink Too Much Juice?

Drinking juice is great. It tastes great, offers health benefits, and is a nice and sweet way to start off your day. However, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Juice is good for you to have, but you need to have the right amount of it. Many kids end up drinking too much juice on a daily basis.

They want nothing but juice in their cups all day long. However, most adults end up drinking too much juice, too. This can cause problems with your stomach, but more importantly, it can also cause damage to your teeth.

How Much Juice is Too Much Juice?

For adults, you should be drinking about 8 ounces of juice in any given day. For most of us, that is less than what we would pour into a cup for breakfast. However, you can make the juice stretch further by either adding a bit of water, or adding ice cubes into the juice to make it appear like more. Kids should drink less, but how much is dependent on the size of your child and their age.

If you drink what most would consider too much juice, you may end up facing dental consequences down the line. The more juice you drink, the more acid your teeth get exposed to. This increases the chance of acid erosion, plus it increases the chances that you will develop things like gum disease. Sensitive teeth often show up in those who drink large quantities of juice on a regular basis as well.

If you drink a lot of juice, or think that you may be drinking too much, contact Wooddell & Passaro Dental Group today. We can have you schedule an appointment to come in, and do an examination of your mouth. If you have been drinking too much juice, we can help!