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Aging with Dental Implants vs. Dentures

Aging with Dental Implants Can Be Easier than Aging with Dentures

Dentures are rough on the gums, and don’t do much to keep the jaw bone strong and stable. This can make aging and still being able to remain active in your life difficult.

If you were to opt for dental implants, however, this is not an issue. The way they fuse into the bone helps to keep it strong, making keeping up with an active retired lifestyle easy and fun.

Why You Want Dental Implants When Older

  1. Dental implants are different than any other type of tooth replacement on the market. Most replacements, like dentures, just sit on top of your gums. This doesn’t do anything to help stimulate the bone beneath it when you do things like eating. Your mouth needs that stimulation to be able to keep the bone growing well.
  2. When you get a dental implant put in, the base of the implant fuses with the actual bone in the jaw. This provides your jaw with the same exact type of stimulation it got when you were chewing on your original teeth. This keeps the bone strong, abundant, and vital. This strong bone keeps your face from looking sunken in, such as often happens when someone wears dentures.
  3. Dental implants often help a person look younger than they did with missing teeth or than they did wearing dentures. That is because of how much like your original teeth the implants really are.

If you want to have a strong set of teeth that will age gracefully with you, and keep up with your active retirement plans, then you want dental implants. Find out from your dentist if you would be a good candidate to have dental implants anywhere you have a missing tooth. Then you can decide if you want to proceed with having them placed.

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