Restoring Confidence…Changing Lives

The philosophy behind the way Drs. Woody and Joe practice dentistry is simple - begin with the end in mind. Every new patient that enters our doors gets a comprehensive look at their teeth, gums and jaw.  This type of exam helps the doctors uncover potential problems you may not even be aware of and then plan how you can best be treated.

With Drs. Woody and Joe’s comprehensive treatment planning, you will work with them to create a blue print of success for your overall oral health. This helps provide a clear vision of any problem areas, treatment options and solutions for long term oral health.

Drs. Woody and Joe will diagnose the problem, work with you to create a treatment plan and then execute that plan, directing other specialists when needed.  The plan for each patient is different and that is what makes this practice so special.  Drs. Woody and Joe take the time to thoroughly examine each patient and get to know their oral health goals, beyond just clean teeth.

And because they are known as experts in their field, they have access to the best dental minds in the country to help work through any treatment challenge that may arise. So, whether you need restorative or esthetic treatments, implants, have bite problems, worn teeth, or just need a routine check-up, we’re here for you.

Drs. Woody and Joe not only practice what they preach, they teach it too! Visit the Chesapeake Dental Education Center website to learn more.

Dr. James Wooddell
Dr. Joe Passaro

  • In-Depth Planning
  • Focus on long term health
  • Coordinated interdisciplinary treatment
  • Specializing in complex issues
  • Highest quality care